From concept design to rock-solid software products

Keep your vision on track - we help you plan, research, design, and build a product you and your customers will love. You will be actively involved in every step of the way!

Ideation & Research

Rapid product idea shaping & validation

We create custom software, mobile and web applications, based on data and research for your business goals and target audience groups. Together with our clients, we develop a vision and identify success metrics. As a result, the path to achieve the most demanding requirement becomes straightforward and expectations are met with optimal solutions.


Product Design Sprint

A five-phase process to gather insights on your users and prototype ideas in advance of product development.

Idea Validation

Product validation minimizes the risk and cost and maximizes the final product's business success.

Proof of Concept

A technical validation and feasibility process to proof the concept in advance of developing the software.

Research & Development

This investigates new technologies, solutions, and top design trends to build a product's competitive advantage.


UX/UI Product Design

Data-driven design that works exactly right

A human touch to design for user experience adds tremendous value. Visitors become customers when provided with a responsive and accessible user interface design. Supported with data from user research, we collaborate with clients to create a beautifully designed interface that shapes and enhances user interactions with their software product and meaningfully impacts their business
After Effects


UX/UI Product Design

Design each interaction with your product to be awesome and make your interface simple and intuitive.

Brand Design

Create an outstanding and consistent brand that ignites imagination and empowers your product’s identity.

Motion Design

Bring more life to your digital product with smart and stylish interactions, animations and motion effects.

Hand-painted Illustrations

Enhance the visual and emotional appeal of your product’s design with hand-painted vector illustrations.


Web Development

Fast, stable, and secure web applications

We build insurmountable web applications using open source technologies such as Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and React. Our key strengths lie in our exceptional team of software engineers and in our product development process. These key strengths permit us to consistantly develop high-quality, fault-tolerant, and scalable software.


Front-End Development

Translate UI design into rich, responsive, accessible, fast, secure, and SEO optimized front-end interface.

Back-End Development

Support your digital product with a flexible and scalable, cloud-native back-end custom system.

Progressive Web Applications

Add a seamless multi-device and cross-platform user experience to your web application.

Cloud Deployment

Build stable, scalable, and secure infrastructure in the cloud to effectively host your application.


Mobile Development

Stunning, high quality mobile applications

We simply love building mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. We design and build native and cross-platform Flutter and React Native based apps. Our key competitive advantage is our product development process. Through this, we create fault-tolerant software and deliver on our promises. Furthermore, we gear up our clients to take their product to the next peak.
React Native


Native iOS

Extraordinary Native iOS mobile applications built and designed in line with Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

Native Android

Top-quality mobile apps on Android, written in Java or Katlin, take full advantage of this popular platform.


Create native apps faster. Target mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase.

React Native

Create native apps for Android and iOS with React. Deliver results with the most famous JavaScript library.


Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Data Science and AI based solutions

With data science and artificial-intelligence solutions we turn your data into a competitive advantage. Thanks to the latest high-end software engineering capabilities of AI, we deliver smart solutions that make a real impact on the organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. We help our clients become pioneers, get ahead of their competitors, and revolutionize the market.
Amazon Machine Learning
Google Tensorflow


Data Engineering

Organize your data to make it useful and accessible for other systems and AI solutions.

Data Science

Perform data analysis by applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to support your decisions.

Machine Learning

Apply machine-learning solutions and automate your processes to save time, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Augmented Reality

AR bridges the gap between real and virtual worlds, and makes purchasing decisions faster.


Support & Maintenance

Support and growth management services

To the next peak - the release is just a new beginning. We help clients grow their products by supporting iterative development through extraordinary project management, quality assurance, and leveraging cloud solutions and technologies to increase security and scalability of delivered systems while providing top-level support.


Project Management

Make sure your project will be delivered on time and within budget with professional project-management services.

Quality Assurance

Each digital product needs QA performing a gamut of testing from usability and security to risk management.

Cloud Solutions

Build stable, scalable, and secure infrastructure in the cloud to effectively host your application.

Support & Maintenance

Keep your software up to date and secure with uninterrupted service, maintenance, and growth management.



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