Web Development

Fast, stable, and secure web applications

We build insurmountable web applications using open source technologies such as Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and React. Our key strengths lie in our exceptional team of software engineers and in our product development process. With these key strengths, we develop high-quality, fault-tolerant, and scalable software.

Front-End Development

Design that works exactly right, coded into responsive front-end interfaces

A perfectly coded user interface is one of the most important components of succesful and engaging modern software. We code graphic designs with a pixel-perfect approach using HTML, CSS, and Javascript into responsive, accessible, fast, secure, and SEO optimized user interfaces. With help of modern Javascript frameworks, like React and Ember, we make the most complex interfaces work perfectly on each and every device.
React Native
SEO Optimization
End to End Tests
Speed and Performance
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Reusable Components
Single Page Applications
Progressive Web Apps

Beck-End Development

Flexible and scalable, high available, cloud-native, back-end systems

We support your digital product with a reliable and secure back-end system. Thanks to our commitment to use the best technologies, your product will be flexible and scalable. We craft code that is clean, tested, and extensible. That’s a guarantee that delivered back-end system is of the highest quality, fault-tolerant, scalable, and maintainable. Ruby is a battle-tested language offering simplicity and productivity. It's perfect for fast prototyping and efficient development of robust web applications. Python is perfect for web development services. It is a powerful technology used by companies of any size. We’ve delivered dozens of back-end software solutions built and deployed with Ruby, Python and Django.
Rest API, GraphQL API
Fast and Scalable
High Quality, Test Coverage
Bug-Free and Cost-Efficiency
Reliable and Secure
No Technical Debt
Detailed Documentation

Progressive Web Applications

Modern web applications that work on any device

The Progressive Web App gives you an opportunity to add a seamless multi-device and cross-platform user experience to your web application. Using Progressive enhancements, we add capabilities to your web app in order to extend its functionalities and provide a fully-functional, platform-specific experience. PWA can be extended with native app features such as camera access, push notifications, geolocation, and accelerometers.
React PWA Library
Capable, Reliable, Installable, Engaging
Progressive Enhancement
Seamless Multi-Device and Cross-Platform User Experience
Short Time to Market

Cloud Deployment

Scalable and secure infrastructure in the cloud

Flexible and scalable systems require stable and secure infrastructure and server environments. Whether on premise or cloud based, using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, we will support your digital product with professionally configured cloud environments. This allows for 24/7 continuity of service, security, delivery, and continuous integration. With Peak11's cloud native development expertise, you will accelerate your software delivery and reduce costs.
DevOps Culture
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Infrastructure -as-Code
Container Orchestration
Scalability and Security
Maintenance and Monitoring

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