UX/UI Product Design

Data-driven design that works exactly right

Collaborating with you at each step, we will tailor motion, graphic, and content design elements to your specifications, respecting your vision and values, in a highly intuitive and functional, and aesthetically pleasing way. Supported by data and user research, we will design user experiences and interfaces that meaningfully impact your business.
User Experience Design

Elegant, consistent and intuitive user experiences

User Experience Design is the most important process while developing an extraordinary product with highly usable software. Taking into account our iterative approach of research, data analysis, and testing, we can build mobile and web apps that solve users’ problems. At Peak11, we make use of this approach to inform our UX/UI decisions and keep our footing sure as we design intuitive, stable, usable, and aestheticly pleasing products.
After Effects
Usability Testing
Accessibility Design
User Research
User Personas
User Journey Maps
Jobs to Be Done
Information Architecture
User Interface Design

Beautiful, engaging, and consistent interface design

When we design the visual layer of your product, we carefully select fonts, colors, icons and photos. We also create illustrations and layout content to create a beautiful, intuitive and functional experience for your brand and product. Paying close attention to details and following Human Interface Guidelines, we always keep current trends as well as your target customers in mind during the development and design process.
After Effects
Visual Design
Design Systems
Mood Boards
Human Interface Guidelines
Material Design
Front-End Design
Brand Design

Unique and consistent brand experience

Successful products have strong brands. Whether we are creating new, unique brand messaging for products we are building or are revamping a product while following existing guidelines, the brand’s intended tone and voice are maintained and respected. We understand the importance of clear and consistent messaging that will intrigue and resonate with people. At Peak11 we’ve delivered consistent branding for several successful digital products.
After Effects
Brand Identity
Branding Style Guidelines
Design Systems
Marketing Materials
Motion Design

Carefully designed animations and interactions

With carefully designed, subtle animations and interactions, we breathe new life into products. Incorporating motion design is very useful. It informs users about the relationship between elements, keeps users focused on what you want, and provides an opportunity to express your brand’s unique personality and style. These components add value to your web and mobile application by improving usablity and making it more interesting.
After Effects
Interaction Design
Motion Design

Attractive and emotionally engaging visual language

Illustrations have meaning. They carry messages that may introduce, clarify, or expand on information you want emphasized. As illustrations improve usability and increase the emotional and visual appeal of your product, they carry immense value. At Peak11, we add customly designed and specifically tailored illustrations to our projects to improve the visual hierarchy and support user-interface navigation.
Onboarding Tutorials
Custom-Built Illustrations
Illustration System

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