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React.js is a JavaScript-based UI development library that uses a component-based concept. Created by Meta (formerly Facebook) engineer Jordane Walke in 2011, it was called FaxJS. Later, the name changed to React.js and it was open sourced in 2013. Since then it has become one of the most widely used front-end libraries in web development.

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React.js is an incredible JavaScript library. With it, you can create interactive websites and applications that can change data, without reloading the page. It’s great for those who appreciate speed, scalability, modularity, and simplicity. Finding all of these in an all-in-one library that manages the frontend state of your mobile and web applications is game-changing. It’s no surprise why React.js’ usage increases daily. Additionally, it’s such an approachable technology!

_ React Native

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework for building apps on different platforms, such as iOS and Android. It allows code to be implemented in OS-native languages.

_ Components

ReactJS is a component-based library where components make the code reusable and split UI into different pieces. Components are divided into two types, Class and Function.


A virtual DOM is a representation of a real DOM that is built or manipulated by browsers. Advanced libraries, such as React, generate a tree of elements in memory equivalent to the real DOM.


React uses, though doesn’t require, a syntax extension to JavaScript called JSX to create React components. JSX makes for a more user-friendly experience within the JavaScript code.

The JavaScript library developers from all corners of the world use

In software development, what we see and interact with as end-users of websites and apps is considered front-end technology. Although many developers interchange the terms framework and library, a framework is in charge of the flow. With a library, in contrast, you are in charge. React’s decision to be a library, and not a framework, has left the door open to rapid innovation. According to the creator of React JS, Jordan Walke, React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. Today, over 7.4 million live websites use React, including industry giants such as Apple, Netflix, and Paypal. Also, Meta (formerly Facebook), where React.js began, continues to maintain this library.

01 _ Scalable

React.js scales up easily due to its modular nature. It has high cohesion, low coupling, and reusuable components. All of these features allow developers to make changes quickly.

02 _ SEO-Friendly

ReactJS significantly reduces page load time and provides faster rendering speed. Faster rendering speed helps reduce the bounce rate of websites and pages.

03 _ Improved Stability

React.js follows downward data flow to ensure that the parent structure doesn’t get affected by changes to a child structure. This improves stability and provides a smoother performance.

04 _ User-Friendly

React.js is easy to learn and user-friendly. It makes any UI interactive. It also allows you to quickly and efficiently build applications, which is time-saving for clients and developers alike.

05 _ Ecosystem of Support

React.js has many talented developers who know the technology and are eager to learn and excel in it. It also has expanding libraries of components and new areas of application.

06 _ Declaritivity

The code in React.js focuses on what is displayed rather than what steps should be taken to display it. Declarativeness translates to better DX, which tends to lead to better UX.

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React.js is among the top open-source libraries around today. You deserve a team that knows this immense library inside and out, who with passion and creativity can immerse themselves in their work for you to create the most splendid software imaginable. At Peak11 our literary hearts smile at the thought of libraries, of this library. In 2015, Peak11 was established and React.js grew stable.

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