Python and Django courses through our veins! At Peak11, this code comes second nature to us.

Python and Django (P&D) is a powerful cutting-edge technology for web development and machine learning applications, either with graphical user interfaces (GUI). Python was created in 1991 and the framework, Django, was created in 2005. In 2018 and 2021, Python won programming language award of the year! With Python and Django, any peak can be scaled!
Python and Django

Python and Django - reach top efficiency while working in tangent

Django sets the stage with its battery-included framework and powerful Object-Relational Mapper (ORM). Python delivers battletested, stable, and highly versatile language. Python and Django, when together, make an agile and dynamic duo! At Peak11, our highly experienced web developers can talk the talk and walk the walk with Python and Django. Discover P&D’s ever expanding, large, active, and very welcoming community.

_ LTS Support

Certain feature releases are long-term support (LTS) releases. These releases will get security and data loss fixes applied for a guaranteed period of time, typically three years.

_ Python

Python is a versatile, open source, high-level, dynamic programming language. In the area of artificial intelligence or machine learning, Python is the first choice!

_ Django

Django is an open-source framework that comes with everything you need already installed (batteries-included approach) and built using MVT architecture and a CRUD interface.

_ Built-in Admin

Django offers an out-of-box admin interface that is both professional and versatile. Authenticate users, display and handle forms, and validate input; all automatically.

_ Django REST Framework

Many libraries include the Django REST framework, which is responsible for building application programming interfaces (APIs); Django CMS, which is designed to manage website content.

_ Django-allauth

Django-allauth is an integrated set of Django apps for authentication, registration, account management, and third-party (social) account authentication.

_ Django ORM

Django’s Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) greatly helps developers interact with databases by transfering data stored in databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL into objects.

_ SEO Optimised

Django comes ready for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps with getting your website to appear in the top results in search engines.

Trust the battle-tested technology that is trusted by top brands

Multinational Corporations on a worldwide scale use Django and it gets implemented without any defects or errors. There is a reason why Python, after 30 years is still receiving awards in excellence and why Django is a favorite framework to use with Python. Beyond this, the number of individuals and companies using Python and Django only continues to expand. Applications that come with Django can be integrated depending on project requirements. These apps can be used for such things as authorization and sending emails, and can easily be added as plug-ins. Also, in regard to the ever growing number of people using Python and Django, it is worth pointing out the friendly, knowledge, and active online community you’ll have at your fingertips.

01 _ Fast and Simple

Django framework utilizes the principles of rapid development, which means developers can do more than one iteration at a time without starting the whole schedule from scratch.

02 _ Versatile

With Django, you can tackle projects of any size and capacity. It is fully loaded with extras and is scalable. It also cross-platform and works with most major databases.

03 _ Scalable

Django has the ability to quickly and flexibly scale the website to meet the heaviest traffic demands. You can also have multiple services written in Django to scale your app horizontally.

04 _ Extensible and Embeddable

Write Python in a myriad of constructs. Write it in or insert it into source code of other coding languages, integrating scripting capabilities into programs of different languages.

05 _ Supported

Wheels replaced Eggs in the Python ecosystem. These help to make package installs work well by allowing for faster installations and more stability in the package distribution process.

06 _ Secure

Django is designed with security in mind, has one of the best out-of-the-box security systems, helps devs avoid security issues, and promptly releases security patches.

Peak11 and Python and Django go together like two peas in a pod

Python and Django are great, in themselves, but our dedicated and agile development team makes it even better. At Peak11, Python and Django courses through our veins. It’s been with us since 2015 and comes second nature to us now. Our expertise, as a team, translates into efficient practices and reliable development solutions.

Professional Approach

Code reviews

Due diligence to prevent unstable code from shipping to customers


A well-established agile software development technique

Quality Assurance

Tests and efforts taken that ensure a product meets top standards

Continuous Delivery

An approach to producing software in short cycles

Exceptions Monitoring

A way of testing to gain early insights into production problems


Production-like environment for best quality assurance before live deployment

Top-rated Tools


We make the most out of the world’s top code hosting service

Github Actions

That’s our default continuous integration solution

Slack & Jira

We run our daily communication and track issues with these tools


An app monitoring platform to find answers - not clues

Code Climate

Provides code quality evaluations and progess over time reports


Cloud solutions for increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability

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