Ideation & Research

Rapid product idea shaping & validation

We create custom software, mobile and web applications, based on data and research for your business goals and target audience. Together with our clients, we develop a vision and identify success metrics. As a result, the path to achieve the most demanding requirement becomes straightforward and expectations are met with optimal solutions.

Product Design Sprint

Five-phase process to a working prototype and successful product

Product Desigrn Sprint, based on the Google Ventures (GV) Design Sprint workshop framework, is a five-phase process that helps us build better digital products. Through this process of research, idea validation, prototyping, and user testing, we minimize risks and bring transparency, empathy, and context to the project team. In this way, everyone develops a common understanding of the project.
Rapid Ideation
Quick Validation
Prototypes Ready for User Interviews
Reduction in Design & Delivery Time

Product Strategy

Value proposition and strategy definition for your next great product

Together with you, we will help shape your product’s vision with a rigorous analysis of your needs, market, and competitors. We will also help you identify your product's success metrics. We focus not only on delivering flawless software solutions, but also on understanding your business goals. As a result, the delivered solutions will not only meet your requirements but also help you achieve your most demanding goals.
Value Proposition
Vision Development
Strategy Definition
MVP Scoping
Agile Thinking

Idea Validation

Validate the problem, the market, and the product

We will help you validate your product’s idea and find the appropriate market fit through problem and market validation. While problem validation looks at your product’s desirability, viability, and feasability, market validation looks at whether there is a need for your product in a target market. Conducting these validation tests are important in order to minimize risks and costs of product development.
Product Validation
Lean Validation Process
Product Market Fit
Feasibility Study

Proof of Concept

End-to-end working interactive model that will advance your product

We will build a POC to demonstrate the functionality, to verify the main concept behind your product idea, and to confirm it can be achieved during development. This exercise also helps us identify the product features and make the most of UX/UI design before jumping into development. Furthermore, it ensures we arrive at the best version of your product, saving you time and money in the process.
Proof of Concept
Technical Validation
Technical Feasibility

Research & Development

New technologies, research, and idea verification

Launching a software product is just a beginning. Its dynamic growth requires continuous monitoring, measuring, data analysis, and technical support. Our dedicated and experienced engineering team will take a long term commitment to maintain, improve, and grow your product in short iterations. Continuous search for new technological solutions that optimize your product’s performance and boost your business is an element of that process.
New Technologies Research
Technology Evaluation
Competitive Advantage
Proof of Concept

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