Flutter sets our synapses ablaze at Peak11. Rising as the SDK to rule all platforms.

Flutter is a Software Development Kit (SDK) developed by Google with which only a single codebase is needed for multiple platforms. Flutter apps are written in the Dart Language. It was first unveiled at the Dart developer summit in 2015. Later, Flutter’s Alpha version was released in 2017 before Flutter 1.0 was released at the end of 2018.

Familiarize yourself with the Kit

Flutter is neither a libary or a framework. It is a complete software development kit. It contains libraries, documentation, API’s, and a framework. The three main architectural layers of Flutter are the embedder (a plaform specific language that makes the app run on any OS), an engine (written in C/C++ that provides low level implementation of Flutter’s Core API’s), and its framework (based on the Dart programming language with rich libraries and multiple layers).

_ Data Platform

Flutter apps are written in the Dart Language. Flutter can run in the Dart virtual machine, allowing for fast compilation, hot reload, and further support for stateful hot reload.

_ Flutter Engine

Flutter’s engine is primarily written in C++ and provides low-level rendering using Google’s Skia Graphics Library. It includes plugin architecture, and a Dart runtime and compile toolchain.

_ Rich Libraries

Flutter uses the Skia Graphics Library which is a fast and mature open-source graphics library. It redraws the UI every time a view changes resulting in a smooth app experience.

_ Design Specific Widgets

The Flutter framework contains two sets of delightful widgets, Material Design Widgets and Cupertino Widgets. These widgets translate to predictable UI on different devices.

_ Hot Reload

Hot reload works by injecting updated source code files into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). Then rebuilds the widget tree, allowing you to quickly view the effects of your changes.

_ Firebase

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development platform that provides services such as a realtime database, cloud storage, machine learning, and hosting for static files.

Get your app rolling with Google’s Software Development Kit

Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that can be used to build frontend and backend applications in a variety of programming languages, such as Dart, Java, and C/C++. Its powerful framework and tools make it easy to quickly build high-quality mobile applications for any purpose. It uses the modern, object-oriented language, Dart, created by Google, and powerful tools like App Engine and Firebase. As of 2022, it can be used to develop applications for 6 different platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, web, MacOS, Windows and Linux. Flutter uses Skia for rendering itself on a platform-provided canvas. Because of the Skia Graphics Engine, Google acquired in 2005, UI built in Flutter can be launched seamlessly on so many different platforms.

01 _ Maximum Productivity

Flutter scales up easily due to its modular nature. It has high cohesion, low coupling, and reusuable components. All of these features allow developers to make changes quickly.

02 _ Good Documentation

Everything is very detailed with easy examples for basic use cases. When you have a problem with a widgets in the code, you can check the documentation and find a solution.

03 _ Growing Community

Flutter has a growing and robust community that will happily provide support for developers and users, alike. Its structured documentation and real cases are a huge asset.

04 _ Ideal for Startup MVPs

You don’t need to create and maintain different apps. One developer is all you need to create your MVP. You can use widgets to personalize things, creating a valuable UI for customers.

05 _ Supported

Flutter is available on different IDEs. The two main code editors for developing with this technology are Android Studio (IntelliJ) and VS Code.

06 _ High Performance

Flutter apps are fast and capable of stably delivering 60 frames per second on most devices and up to 120 frames per second on devices supporting Flutter.

Flutter and Peak11 bring the whole kit and caboodle

A growing hum can be heard across the airways since Flutter debuted. The specialization and dedication our team brings ensures that the whole kit and caboodle and the most bang for your buck throughout development process. Solutions such as the SDK Flutter, developed by Google, really sets our synapses ablaze as our team envisions with precision how it can help realize your goals.

Professional Approach

Code reviews

Due diligence to prevent unstable code from shipping to customers


A well-established agile software development technique

Quality Assurance

Tests and efforts taken that ensure a product meets top standards

Continuous Delivery

An approach to producing software in short cycles

Exceptions Monitoring

A way of testing to gain early insights into production problems


The environment for testing before launching the product live

Top-rated Tools


We make the most out of the world’s top code hosting service

Github Actions

That’s our default continuous integration solution

Slack & Jira

We run our daily communication and track issues with these tools


An app monitoring platform to find answers - not clues

Code Climate

Provides code quality evaluations and progess over time reports


Cloud solutions for increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability

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