Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Data Science and AI based solutions to give you competitive advantage

We implement data science and artificial intelligence solutions to provide our clients with actionable data that informs their decision making by providing meaningful insights. This encourages and promotes future development of smart solutions that will revolutionize their market and get them ahead of their competitors.

Data Engineering

Make your data useful and accessible for AI solutions

Data is one of the most important assets of any company. However, it can become even more valuable when analyzed with AI and machine-learning tools. This is because it allows it to offer a better products or services, attracting even more customers. In many areas of business, e.g., ecommerce, sales, marketing, and finance. Effectively organized data can help companies be more innovative and effective. At Peak11, we help you build data pipelines that source and transform data into structures that can be analyzed and used to inform your decision making process. Data can be used to understand the current state of your business, create forecasts, understand and profile your customers, optimize your processes, create new products, and improve existing products. Utilizing software engineering best practices, we create data engineering solutions with performance and scalability in mind.
ETL - Extract, Transform, Load
Data Engineering
Data Quality & Security
Data Governance
Data Integrity

Data Science

Analyze your data and apply artificial intelligence

Review and analyze your data by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to support your decisions and improve your products and services. By utilizing technology, (i.e., machine learning and data mining) and tools, (e.g., R and Python) data can be analyzed in powerful new ways. Conclusions drawn from ML/DL data analysis are reliable and consistent. Though this analysis, meaningful insights and optimal solutions can give you an edge and improve your product.
Big Data
Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Automate your business processes using Machine Learning Solutions

Improve your business by personalizing customer experience, automating processes, recognizing patterns and anomalies, and making forecasts. With Machine Learning (ML), data is crunched to model business decisions using supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised algorithms. Once the proper ML model is created, it is trained, tested, and optimized. ML solutions and algorithms can help you build and deploy smart solutions, advancing your business and revolutionizing your market.
Apache Airflow
Predictions & Forecasts
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Pattern Recognition
Recommendation Engines
Reinforcement Learning
Crashes Monitoring
Object Detection & Classification

Augmented Reality

Bridge the gap between the real product and its digital presence

Augmented Reality (AR), as opposed to Virtual Reality (VR), does not create a new world for you to move around within. It adds to (augments) the world you are familiar with. Before remodeling a space or that big renovation, use AR to take your tentative plan and see the end product before you have purchased the material. See how a space will look without furniture or with different furniture within it. See how a space will look with different numbers of people or plants populating it. Currently, AR technology has focused on adding visual or auditory elements. AR technology has been shown to influence consumer behavior. In particular, AR can make consumers feel more comfortable when making a riskier purchase online. By more clearly perceiving how something could be (e.g. accessorizing with makeup, glasses, clothes, jewellery) one becomes more likely to accept it and even want it. AR bridges the gap between the real product and its digital presence.
Retail AR apps
Training and education AR apps
Real estate AR apps
Advertising AR apps

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