Support & Maintenance

Software support and growth management

On to the next peak! The release is just a new beginning. We help clients grow their product and secure its quality through iterative development. Exceptional project management, quality assurance, leveraging of cloud solution technology, and increasing the scalability of delivered systems, enable us to provide the highest support.

Project Management

Best in class project management services

Ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget by utilizing professional Agile Project Management services. Peak11 uses agile methods in both project management and software engineering practices. With Scrum and Kanban, we provide test driven and behavior driven software development. This means that we work in sprints, delivering high-quality software incrementally. Due to this process, web and mobile applications receive multiple tests prior to the production release. Our Project Managers, Product Owners and Scrum Masters will help you manage your project from start to finish. Peak11 has been trusted by world-class companies and has a proven track record of projects delivered beyond expectations. We will make sure to keep your project within budget and schedule while delivering high-quality software.
Pivotal Tracker
Agile Project Management
Agile Best Practices
Product Owners
Scrum Masters
Communication and Transparency

Quality Assurance

Risk management and quality assurance expertise

Your bleeding-edge software - web, mobile application and the whole system - should work flawlessly. Thus an extensive and rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process needs to be in place that covers a gamut of tests; i.e., usability, feature, integration, functional, performance, and security testing. All that, when planned and performed well, guarantee your product will function properly, securely, and compatibly with third-party systems. Our developers write automated scripts which test common scenarios and edge cases that run via Continuous Integration Tools to guarantee reliable software. Peak11's strong understanding of software engineering best practices guarantee high-quality software built with usability, security, and performance in mind. As an integral part of the software development process, we help you develop a QA plan, guaranteeing ongoing quality of the highest level.
Risk Management
Smooth User Experience
Bug-Free and Cost-Efficiency
High Quality, Reliable Product
Performance Testing

Cloud Solutions

Scalable and secure infrastructure in the cloud

Flexible and scalable systems require stable and secure infrastructure and server environments. Whether on premise or cloud based, using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, we will support your digital product with professionally configured cloud environments. This allows for 24/7 security, delivery, continuous integration, and continuity of service. With Peak11's cloud native development expertise, you will accelerate your software delivery and reduce costs.
Open Stack
DevOps Culture
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Infrastructure -as-Code
Container Orchestration
Scalability and Security
Maintenance and Monitoring

Support and Maintenance

Production systems update and maintenance services

The release is just a new beginning! Keep your product, web, mobile application, and supporting systems up to date. Also, secure uninterrupted service with continuous monitoring, maintenance and development. Peak11’s services include legacy systems integration, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, codebase and architectural reviews, and product maintenance and development. We use monitoring tools like AWS Cloudwatch, Zabbix, Prometheus, Sentry, and New Relic. All of this is provided in order to protect your service and your users from costly bugs and interruptions. Peak11’s team will help you grow your product while securing its quality. We will support iterative development through extraordinary project management and quality assurance. Finally, we will leverage cloud solutions and technologies to increase the security and scalability of delivered systems while providing top-level support.
New Relic
Legacy Systems Integration
Codebase and Architectural Reviews
Product Maintenance and Development
Professional Coaching and Training
Maintenance and Monitoring 24/7

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